CP Test Station

CP Test Station Reading
CP Test Station Reading

Test stations routinely become damaged or missing over time, whether due to vandalism, landscapers, construction activities or even difficult location. In addition, the pipeline industry is responding to increased requirements on cathodic protection testing for annual surveys, Integrity Management Program (IMP) needs, and AC and DC interference monitoring.

Point Integrity offers two methods of test station installations. While we're confident in both methods of installation, demand has increased for the Vacuum Excavation method since it greatly reduces surface disturbance and often requires little to no permitting when performed beside or within a roadway.

Whether it is on a casing, under a manicured lawn, or in a remote area, Point Integrity Solutions will help meet your test station and monitoring coupon needs. Our representative can join in your company's discussions regarding test stations and will help you develop a plan to meet your needs.

Coupon Installation

If you have abnormal test readings due to outside forces, Point Integrity Solutions can help solve your problem. It is also important to note that coupons are the primary method of ensuring you are not experiencing active AC corrosion near high voltage power lines.

Coupons are one of the best methods for determining actual polarized potential of a pipeline. The coupons exist for both AC and DC monitoring.

When you work with Point Integrity Solutions you can be assured that we have the knowledge and experience to install the right coupons for your company's needs.