Pipeline Recoating

Pipeline Recoating
Pipeline Recoating

Deteriorating pipeline coatings, whether above or below ground, pose a long term maintenance issue. Addressing coating issues as they are discovered can often allow for repair instead of costly replacement, while eliminating potential regulatory compliance issues. Point Integrity Solutions offers coating rehabilitation services of both under and above ground facilities. Our pipeline integrity heritage ensures you'll experience a quality job every time.

Key benefits to using Point Integrity:

Underground Recoating

The large majority of our nation's pipeline network was constructed in the 1950s and 60s. Coatings at that time were coal tar enamels and asphalt coatings which have held up relatively well over time. However, years of pressure cycles, temperature changes, soil stresses, and the environment have caused coatings to deteriorate and place an excessive burden on the cathodic protection systems. At Point Integrity, our experts understand how each of these variables contributes to your specific challenges, and we can provide the experience to solve your unique challenges.

Today's state-of-the-art coatings often consist of two-part 100% solid epoxies. These new coatings provide excellent adhesion and damage resistance, giving today's newly coated pipes a far greater lifespan than they currently have with the original coatings used during the initial installation of these aging lines.

At Point Integrity, our technicians are trained to apply these state-of-the-art epoxies and coating systems to maximize a pipeline's cathodic protection. Many experts consider pipelines treated in this manner to have an almost indefinite lifespan.

Of course, coatings deteriorate over time; however, the extent of deterioration, and how fast it will occur, are the variable factors. General guidelines for coating condition, derived from the NACE® table for earth leakage conductance, are:

Percent of
Bare Pipe Wall
Excellent0.05 or less
Poor0.7 or more

At Point Integrity we know that refurbishing a line by replacing the original installation coating with a two-part epoxy has several advantages over replacing sections of pipeline. Some of these advantages are:

Pipeline Remains In Service

  • No disruption to customers
  • No lost revenue
  • No venting of product or purging with nitrogen
  • No recompression
Lower Construction Cost

  • No welding and X-Ray
  • No hydrostatic testing
  • Less large equipment on site
Pipeline Recoating

Clockspring Install

Consult a Point Integrity professional for any pipeline rehabilitation projects your company needs.