Casing Remediation

Pipe Casing Remediation
Pipe Casing Remediation

Shorted casings consume valuable CP current. Often the casing and pipeline wires become damaged and make contact with each other. The casing spacers may have collapsed or deteriorated, allowing metal components to make an electrical path between casing and pipe. Misalignment of the casing and pipeline can also cause a short. Point Integrity is experienced at testing for shorts and remediating the shorted problem to allow for full CP system performance.

Point Integrity is highly experienced in correcting shorted casings by using an engineered approach of lifting the pipeline within allowable stress limits and inserting insulating materials between the casing and carrier pipe. We can also cold cut off the ends of the casing where the short often occurs. We use air bags to lift or move the pipeline or casing to minimize the point loads on the pipe, ensuring no damage is caused in the process.

Removing the casing entirely is also an option, and we have completed many of these types of projects. Point Integrity can handle all the road permitting to perform this work in order to reduce the load on the operating company's integrity personnel.